Can I handle your truth? (in English, that is)

Yes, I do write in English. It is my second language, and since I am lucky enough to have a wife, kids, family and friends who are native speakers, I have had plenty of opportunities to improve my skills.

But still – it’s not my mother tongue. And there is a difference between being an English copywriter, and being a copywriter who writes in English. Semantics? Absolutely not.

In my opinion, there are three levels of skill you can possess as an English writer (or whatever language, actually). Well, four, actually, but the fourth is for Gods. So:

1. Being a correct writer

You know the grammar and the spelling. You are familiar with how to write ”Hi” in a business letter, as well as in a letter to a superior, a teacher or a collegue.

This is the English that they taught you in school.

2. Being a good writer

You are able to elaborate and play with the language. You treat the language freely, you can control the tone of a text, use words and rythm in different ways. You are aquaintent with the cultural sphere of the language and is able to use this as a means to make yourself understood.

If you are a good writer, you use the language as a tool – not a goal.

3. Being a great writer

Being a great writer means that you are truly free in your use of the language. You are very well accustomed to the cultural sphere, and also up to date with prevailing trends and fashions of the day. If the good writer is able to use a word in a partly new way, the great writer can invent a new one and still be understood.

4. Being Shakespeare and writers alike.

Explanation superfluous.

Me, I am a  good writer. I treat English freely with but a few obstacles. My understanding of British and American culture is good, which makes it possible to find appropriate references and such.

A real English copywriter?
Great writers, at least.

Would I be able to handle your project in English?
Unless you are an English copywriter with a writers block, yes, I think I would.
After all, I’ve already done it plenty of times. So if you hesitate, get in touch and I’ll send you a few proofs of work.